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FBI cellphone app brings criminals around the world to them

No one objects to searches and violations of privacy when law enforcement catches “the bad guys.” A case in point occurred when over 9,000 law enforcement officials from the United States and Australia collaborated to collect text messages by alleged …


Be aggressive in your attempts to suppress evidence

If you’re facing criminal charges, then you might be worried that the evidence the prosecution has stacked against you is insurmountable. But even if your case doesn’t look great you shouldn’t lose hope. After all, you might have strong criminal …


Detroit Police Roll Out Intense New Surveillance Technology

Among many other things, 2020 was a year of civil unrest throughout much of the United States, including here in Michigan. Massive protests, along with notable crime trends in the Detroit area, highlighted the tense relationship between law enforcement and …


Forensic Evidence – Not So Scientific

What if forensic evidence was not so scientific? What if investigators could use DNA found at a crime scene to put together a sketch of a suspect that includes bone structure, hair and skin color, other facial features, and even …


New Evidence in Oakland County Child Killer Case

In Oakland County, one of the most notorious alleged crime sprees is one that remains unsolved. Between 1976 and 1977, four children, two boys and two girls, were found murdered on Woodward Avenue between Ferndale and Birmingham. The media referred …