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What are the penalties for violating a domestic personal protection order?

A Personal Protective Order (PPO) is a type of court order, called an injunction, that prevents an individual from behaving in certain ways that are perceived to be threatening or causing harm to another person. The action is begun when …


What actions constitute assault in Michigan?

Criminal allegations of any sort can cause extensive damage to your reputation and threaten you with jail or prison time as well as other penalties that might leave you with lasting harm. That’s why in these circumstances you need to …


What Do I Do If I Have Been Accused Of Domestic Violence?

When your spouse or partner accuses you of domestic violence you feel devastated. Besides the stigma of being known as an abuser, being charged with domestic assault can separate you from your children, force you to leave your home, and …


Should domestic abusers get treatment instead of punishment?

Domestic violence has deep roots for some people in Michigan that go well beyond a simple heated argument between intimate partners. According to an article published in Psychiatric Times, several risk factors have been identified that correlate with persons accused …